**New Way to Pay Your Dues**


In addition to Paypal, we have just added another way to make your payments online!  We now also have a Square Cash account.  You can make payments via cash.me/$SAHFR. If you don’t already have one, setting up your account is very simple just click the link, enter the dollar amount you wish to pay, and follow the prompts.

Although Paypal is still an acceptable method of payment, Square Cash doesn’t charge the host family fees, so its definitely our preferred route.

Have you submitted your Blabbermouth Entry for this year’s reunion?  It’s not too late!!

Now What?


Ok, so you FINALLY made it to the website, now what?

If this is your first time here, let me be the first to say, WELCOME!  Now that you’re here, here’s a list of what you can see & do…

  1. Update Census
  2. Upcoming Reunion Info
  3. Past Reunion Memories
  4. SAH Scholarship Info
  5. SAH History Past & Present
  6. Obituaries

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Tell us how we are doing…


What do you think of the new website?  Are there any items you would like to see?  Anything you would like to change?  We would love to hear from you, the comments are open…this is OUR website, so help us make it great!!

Are you following our Instagram account?  You should!  There are quite a few gems on there, some new, and some really, really, really old!

Obituaries Now Available Online…


When family members pass away, a lot of work goes into creating the obituary and funeral programs to help memorialize them.  Often we distribute them to family and friends that were not able to attend the service or even keep them for ourselves.

The programs themselves house a lot of history and I wanted a way to keep them all together so anyone can view them.  You can now view family obituaries and funeral programs online.  The Obituaries are housed in the “Archives” section of the website.  This section will only be complete if you add to it, so if you have any at home that you would like to add, please do so by completing the Census Update form on the site.

Help us update our Family Tree!


Everyone knows we have the Blabbermouth as a tool for family bragging and gossiping.  What we do not have is a place to keep up with our family census records, until now.

A new census form has been added to the Forms and Requests section of the site, where you can chronicle the important dates in your immediate family.  We will then compile the information and add it to our family tree.

Please click the link and complete the form, it will only take a minute of your time!

Blabbermouths Now Available Online…


Ever missed a reunion but wanted to to read the latest family gossip?  Ever wanted to go back and read old family gossip for nostalgia’s sake?

WELL, NOW YOU CAN!  We have added an archives section to the website where you can find links to prior year Blabbermouths!  The 2014 Blabbermouth is there right now for your viewing pleasure!

Keep checking back, more will be added soon!