We Would Love To Hear From You…


Hi Family,

Time is getting closer (T-35 days to be exact) and we would love to hear from you!  It is IMPORTANT and NECESSARY that we know your plans in order to finalize preparations and make this a memorable occasion.  If you are coming, we would LOVE your dues, but KNOWING you are coming is more important, register today!

Here is your TO-DO list…

  1. Register for the reunion.
  2. Book your hotel rooms.
  3. Gossip about yourself.
  4. Pay your dues.

Email us if you have any questions!

Can’t wait to see you in Mississippi!! 



Late Fee Reminder…


This is your reminder.  Registration fees are now due by May 31st.  Anything received afterwards is subjected to late fees.  If you pay at the reunion, CASH is mandatory.

Don’t be a procrastinator, PAY YOUR DUES NOW!!

Visit Mississippi!


The Mississippi Crew is working tirelessly preparing for the family to return to their roots.  We have hotel rooms blocked, so please make your accommodations.

The Mississippi Delta has a new attraction, the GRAMMY Museum located right here in Cleveland which is one of the sights we will be touring.  We are still working on other sights but this is a definite.  The current exhibit features The Supremes.

One spotlight we are working on is which Smith brother each of us is descended from.  We found these colors n the 1978 edition of the Blabbermouth.  The colors are: Moses – Purple, Perry – Green, Arthur – Yellow, William – Red and Walter – Blue.

Please inform us of food allergies and diet preferences so that we can prepare for family members who are vegetarians, vegans, etc.  Also, we will be requesting headshot pictures for a display that we are preparing.

Keep checking back for updates and please don’t forget to Register, Send in your Blabbermouth and PAY YOUR DUES!!

Hi Family…


We are readily making plans for the 2018 Family Reunion, bringing you back to your roots, where it all began.  We hope you are making plans to attend!  The hotel information is up and the itinerary will soon follow.

Can’t wait to see you in July!!

MS Crew