Now What?


Site Design

This website is comprised of 12 Sections.  The large area of the site is the posts page.  The posts page is scroll-able and if read top-down, is in reverse chronological order.  Basically, reading from the top to the bottom is going back in time.

The other 11 sections  are all found in the left-hand navigation bar and are detailed below.

  1. Current Reunion Info
  2. Forms & Requests
  3. StoreFront
  4. Next Reunion Countdown
  5. Scholarship Award
  6. Archives
  7. Popular Post Tags (Tag Cloud)
  8. Most Recent Instagram Posts
  9. Follow Site via Email Prompt
  10. Help Info
  11. Social Media Links

Current Reunion Info
This details information pertaining solely to the next reunion.  Itineraries, hotel booking information and anything else the reunion hosts deem important to notify you of prior to your arrival to the reunion.

Forms & Requests
This is where you take care of your family business.  Updating your census information, registering for the reunion, submitting blabbermouth entries and requesting airport shuttle service can all be done in this section.

This is where you can PAY your reunion dues and eventually order SAH Merchandise.

Next Reunion Countdown
Simply a countdown timer til the next reunion.

Scholarship Award
Information pertaining to our Annual SAH Scholarship award is housed in this section.

This is where you will find links to old Blabbermouths, Reunion Pictures, and the Obituaries that have been added to the site.

Popular Post Tags
All of the content or “posts” on the site are split into categories called tags.  The most popular are listed in this section.  You can click each tag to view content specific to that category.

Most Recent Instagram Posts
The four most recent pictures posted on our Instagram page are viewable here.  Clicking any of them will bring you directly to our Instagram page.

Follow Site via Email Prompt
If you would rather be notified via email whenever new content is added to the site, enter your email here and follow the instructions.

Help Info
Send me a comment on Twitter or Email me directly with any questions by clicking on the links in this section.

Social Media Links
Click the logos to visit our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I know this was a long post.  Thank you for sticking it out to the end.  Hopefully it will help you navigate the site better.  All of the work I put into the creation and updating of the site are in vain if you don’t use it.

To that regard, if you are on Facebook or Twitter do a quick post shouting us out!  Tell your friends and family:

“I MADE IT!!  My family’s website is LIT!

(You don’t have to understand what that means, trust me its a good thing!)

2 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Sharon Haynes

    Hi I’m the granddaughter at Vivian Haynes and the daughter of Jack and Judith Haynes I would like any type of information you can send me on my family reunions and


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