SAHFR Merchandise


UPDATE: If you would like to order shirts for this reunion, please email The deadline for ordering shirts is June 15th.

*Prices are as follows:

  • S, M, L and XL: $8.00
  • 2XL, 3 XL, 4 XL and 5XL: $10.00

*Prices are subject to change dependent on the total quantity ordered each year by everyone. i.e. the more we order, the cheaper they are and vice versa.

Soon you will be able to purchase reunion t-shirts & other goodies online, and have them shipped directly to your doorstep!  We have partnered with an apparel company and will be opening our own e-store in preparation of the upcoming 2015 reunion.

Gone are the days of Alice having to schlep a suitcase chocked full of shirts to every reunion!!  We are moving into the digital age, family!!

Once the store is up and running we’ll post a blurb on our homepage, and will link directly to the store right here!

Aren’t you excited?  I know I am!!