Faith, Family, Education and Service


Faith, Family, Education, and Service have long been of significant importance to the   Smith-Anderson-Hubbard Family.

The family patriarch, Richard Darden Smith was born in slavery on January 19, 1849 in the state of Georgia. He was the son of Rachel Smith. As with others the name Smith was taken from the plantation owner whom they served. His enslaved parents were sold to separate slave owners while Richard was still a young boy.   Because of his honesty, reliability and hard work, Richard was a favorite of his master and mistress. He was given special duties around his master’s house where reliability and honesty were especially required. As far as is known, he never reunited with his parents. While still a young man, he was sold to another slave-owner to a farm near Deeson, Mississippi where he remained until his freedom.

Richard Darden Smith, a very religious man, who had an inborn faith in God, traveled around the Mississippi Delta doing odd jobs to sustain himself. During his travel throughout the Mississippi Delta, he met Millie Emmaline Fields. She was also a freed slave and they shared many of the same dreams and hopes. As time passed, they felt more assured that it was God’s desire that they become lifelong companions.

In early 1870, Richard Darden Smith and Millie Emmaline Fields married and established a home in Deeson.   To this union eight children were born; 7 boys and 1 girl, who died in infancy during a smallpox epidemic. Only Will, Perry, Walter, Moses, and Arthur lived to adulthood. Richard and Millie spared no pain in training up their five sons in the way that they should go. Richard had long realized that the backbone of a thriving society is the family.

Richard Darden and Millie Emmaline Smith moved their family of 5 boys to Renova, Mississippi from Deeson, Mississippi in 1906. They immediately became involved with their church and new community. They joined the Calvary Missionary Baptist Church upon settling in Renova. It was through their church and community involvement they meet the Hubbard’s (James Thomas and Sarah Hubbard). It was also through the church where Perry M. Smith met and later in 1911 married Priscilla Anderson. That was the same year that his younger brother, Moses A. Smith married Susie Hubbard. As a result, we now have the Smith-Anderson-Hubbard Family.

The Hubbard family operated the leading grocery store in the community for over 40 years. The building where the store was operated, also served as the Post Office as well as the family dwelling. The oldest child, Elizabeth Hubbard McGreeg, whose husband was mayor of Renova, operated the post office. In later years, it was operated by two of the Smith Brothers, Walter and Perry Monroe.

Richard Darden Smith was a close friend and confidant of Moses Dickson, the founder of the Knights and Daughters of Tabor, which is the oldest purely Negro Fraternal organization in America.   In the year 1893, Richard was selected as the second Chief Grand Mentor of the Knights and Daughters of Tabor, Mississippi Division, since it was organized in 1888. The purpose of this fraternal body was to unite advance the Negro race after emancipation.   The goals of the organization were stressing Christianity and brotherhood of men; help for the poor indigent among our people; encouragement and assistance to our children in the field of education and the urging of good citizenship among black Americans. Richard held that position until his death in 1909. Years later, his son Perry Monroe Smith was named Chief Grand Mentor. Under his leadership, the Taborian Hospital in Mound Bayou, Mississippi was founded. This was the first and only Black hospital in the Mississippi Delta.

Because of the resolve, strength of mind and determination of our ancestors, the Smith-Anderson-Hubbard family has produced ministers (clergy), farmers, educators, school administrators, civil rights activists, politicians, doctors, lawyers, actors, engineers, scientists, and respected positions in many other fields of influence.

It is because of the gifts that have been passed down from generation to generation, that we have established the family scholarship. The scholarship award will be $1000.00, awarded to a graduating senior from Renova, Mississippi.

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