Now What?


Ok, so you FINALLY made it to the website, now what?

If this is your first time here, let me be the first to say, WELCOME!  Now that you’re here, here’s a list of what you can see & do…

  1. Update Census
  2. Upcoming Reunion Info
  3. Past Reunion Memories
  4. SAH Scholarship Info
  5. SAH History Past & Present
  6. Obituaries

Update Census
If we haven’t heard from you in while, or you have never filled out this form, go ahead and tell us a little more about you.  Give us an update on the happenings in your world!  HELP us keep our FAMILY TREE up-to-date.  Feel free to upload a selfie so we can put a face to your name!! (Let’s keep it G-rated, please!!)

Upcoming Reunion Info
You can Register, Book your hotel, Pay your dues, Submit Blabbermouth entries and view the itinerary for upcoming reunions.

Past Reunion Memories
You can view the Blabbermouths of yesteryear, and even see pictures from previous reunions!

SAH Scholarship Info
Beginning in 2015, we started awarding one senior in Renova, MS a $1,000 scholarship for their freshman year in college.  Click here for more details.

SAH History Past & Present
From time to time our family makes the news (in a good way)!  See more here…

Not everyone is able to make it to funerals these days, especially with us living all over the globe.  Here is where you can view the obits of family members that are no longer with us.

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This website can only remain up-to-date if you keep us informed!  Fill out the Census Form whenever something happens in your life.  You can upload files as well, so if there are documents, news articles, stories, obits, etc. that you feel are missing, upload them.  If you are more comfortable with email, you can email amb.sahfr (at) gmail (dot) com.

To read more about the site’s design click on the (2) below…

2 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Sharon Haynes

    Hi I’m the granddaughter at Vivian Haynes and the daughter of Jack and Judith Haynes I would like any type of information you can send me on my family reunions and


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