We’re Still Standing!!


Hello Family…

The NY, NJ, CT region is preparing to serve as your host for the very 1st virtual Smith-Anderson-Hubbard Family Reunion in its 50+ year history.  So….what is a virtual family reunion?  It’s an online version of what we normally do in person.  We’re still going to have:

  • Family Game Night           
  • Virtual Tours/Family Story Time
  • Open Mic Night (showoff your talent: singing, poetry, comedy, storytelling)
  • Virtual Family Worship

All on Zoom!  Join us via Zoom from Friday, July 9, 2021 through Sunday, July 11, 2021. 

Register here and don’t forget to submit your Blabbermouth information! 


  • Help the younger folks in your family/region get ready for the “Trace Your Lineage” Challenge on the afternoon of Saturday, July 10th.
  • Get ready to showcase your talent(s) later that same evening.

Contact Mildred if you have any questions. If you don’t have her info email amb.sahfr@gmail.com and I will connect you!

One thought on “We’re Still Standing!!

  1. Courtney Haynes

    Hello Family! This is Courtney Haynes from Illinois. Here on business trip for recreational dispensary in Rochelle park I would love to meet some of the family while here in town please feel free to reach out [redacted] can’t wait to hear from family.


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