Well Family…


It has been a year like no other. Who would have thought that over one year into COVID we would still be wearing masks and social distancing? Although things are gradually improving, we still have a way to go.  

We are also heartbroken by the loss of our patriarch Rev. Perry A Smith III. But we are “Still Standing”! We stand on God’s promises and know better days are coming! We thank God for those family members who have been on the sick list but are still making it through!

This year we are going VIRTUAL!! If you are a baby boomer like me, this does not come naturally. My audio is never on at the right time, or I have my camera on by mistake. Thank goodness we have millennials and Gen X and Z around to help. (Millennials are Gen Y – yes, it’s confusing).

We have fun events planned and are anxiously awaiting your presence! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself, Mildred or the comments section below if you have questions!

See you next week – July 9th, 10th and 11th!


Have you…

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