Trace Your Lineage Challenge!


Hey Family.

This is the ancestry Trace Your Lineage Challenge scheduled for Saturday. Who can go back the most generations?! If you get your youngest family member involved you can get in the most generations.  Add pictures and stories if you can.

Here is an example (host family members are not eligible)


My name is Ronnie Barkley – I am 18 years and live in South Orange New Jersey.

I am graduating from high school and plan to attend an HBCU in the fall.

My grandmother is Zeraline Verner. I am the youngest child of her youngest child,

Beth Verner Barkley. My Grandmother, Zeraline Smith Verner, was the youngest child of Priscilla

Anderson Smith and Perry Monroe Smith, my great grandparents.

My great-great grandparents on Priscilla’s side were Dan Anderson and Sophia Plummer, my great, great, great grand parents on Dan’s side were Jefferson Davis Anderson and Mariah Anderson.

On Sophia’s side, my great, great, great grandmother, is Priscilla Plummer. My grandmother, Zeraline referred to her as Grandma Plummer. The oral history from my grandmother is that Grandma Plummer “came over on the boat”.

So, let’s hear your family lineage story!!

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