Yvonne Pruitt-Boyd


April 1, 1950 – January 4, 2009 (Age 58)

Yvonne Pruitt- Boyd was always true to herself and to her family. It was her love for family that compelled her to extend her circle of compassion to include many others. Her warmth touched people at various points in their lives, leaving behind a distinct and favorable impact.

Happiest when surrounding herself with children, she planned many weekends of fun filled events especially for them. Some of Yvonne’s favorite pastimes were listening to music and watching movies. It was normal to see her playing in the back yard with the children, running with the dog, or hosting movie nights with her nieces and nephews. She took particular joy in planning and hosting her immediate family’s first reunion.

Yvonne was a devoted caregiver for her loving mother until she became faced with her own health challenges. In fact, her family was forced to admonish her to take care of herself. Although Yvonne faced difficult circumstances, she was defiant in her will to overcome her illness. Her family admired her determination and supported her with love and many prayers.

For Yvonne, life was not about self – it was about others. Feisty, loads of fun, tenacious and immaculate in every way, Yvonne maintained a warm, welcoming, and spotless home which she loved to share with others. She believed in “keeping it real” and loved her scarves and pantsuits. Her family takes joy in the memories she created.

Yvonne Pruitt-Boyd was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri.

She is survived by her husband Renaldo, a loyal and devoted son, Andre Hurd (Angela), her mother Elizabeth Pruitt, four aunts — Pastor Thea McClendon (Bill), Renee Smythe, Sammie Page and Ruby Fortson, five brothers, six sisters and many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends whom she loved dearly.

(Funeral Program: Yvonne Pruitt-Boyd)