Family Challenge!


There are prizes. Yes, really!!

Contest Rules

  1. You cannot be a member of the host family.
  2. You must be Generation X or younger (but, there are no restrictions on getting help)
  3. The first family member to post the correct response in the comment section below, wins!

Answer these questions…

  1. Who are these people?
  2. How are they related?
  3. Who are their slave ancestors? Get your facts together for reparations!
  4. Extra Credit – How are you related to them? By blood or by spirit?

8 thoughts on “Family Challenge!

  1. Travis REGINALD Smith

    1. Uncle Walter, Papa (Moses Hemps), Uncle Perry – Aunt Priscilla, Mama Susie – 3rd from left. I will have to do a little research on the other two.
    2. Brothers and their wives.
    3 Richard and Millie Smith
    4. Blood and spirit.


  2. siteadmin

    Travis…I see your comment, but you are not in GENERATION X or younger!! Even if you still have a bounce in your step!!

    I will post your comment at a later date 🙂


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