Updates From the 2019 Family Meeting…


In case you missed the meeting, the topics are below and the details are after the jump…

  • Attendance Report
  • Host Report
  • Financial Report
  • In Memorian/Reflections
  • SAH Scholarship Recipient
  • High School Graduation Gift
  • Region Restructuring
  • Upcoming Reunion Hosts

Attendance Report:

121 – People Attended, 106/adults 15/children

Host Report:

The STL Crew will provide an outline/guidelines to subsequent reunion hosts of how they prepared for the reunion.

Financial Report:

We discussed finding the perfect balance between driving early registration and increasing late fees.  We will add a discussion mechanism to the website for family input on how best to continue forward.

In Memoriam/Reflections:

Rosa Smith (Renova, MS)
Otrie Hickerson Smith (Jackson, MS)
Diane Anderson (Memphis, TN)

SAH Scholarship Recipient:

This year (2019), there were no recipients of the scholarship.  There was a motion that passed to award (2) scholarships next year, and continue with awarding (1) per year going forward.

Commitments to fund the next few years were restated.

Year Funded By
2019 Alice Smith Family
2020 Pauline Martin Family
2021 Xavier Smith
2022 LaDonne Cox & Craig Smith

High School Graduation Gift:

Each year family members attending the reunion give a gift to the graduating high school student(s) registered and present at the reunion. This year (2019) we had 3 graduates, Nya Prescott, Jaire Pruitt, and Cymon Shy.  The graduates received a total of $300 each!

Region Representatives:

Host Region Representative
Region 1 – MS, AL, AR, & LA Pamela Martin & Elbert Smith
Region 2 – KY, OH, & TN Kelly Smith, Jr.
Region 3 – DC, MD & VA Etta Waugh
Region 4 – IL, MO, MI, IN, WI, & KS Gwendolyn Young
Region 5 – NY, CT, NJ, & MA Abuniwas David & Edwina Verner
Region 6 – AZ, CA, CO, NE, OR & TX Marian Parish & Travis Smith
Region 7 – GA, FL, NC, & SC Daniel Smith, Jr. & Brenda Brooks

UPCOMING Reunion Hosts:

Year Host Region Dates Destination
2020 Region 5 – NY, CT, NJ, & MA July 10 – 12 TBD
2021 Region 7 – GA, FL, NC, & SC July 9 – 11 TBD
2022 TBD July 8 – 10 TBD

Are you hosting the next reunion?  Don’t forget to complete the Host Questionnaire!

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