Updates From the 2017 Family Meeting…


In case you missed the meeting, the topics are below and the details are after the jump…

  • Attendance Report
  • Financial Report
  • Late Fees
  • SAH Scholarship Recipient
  • High School Graduation Gift
  • Region Restructuring
  • Upcoming Reunion Hosts

Attendance Report:

107 – People Registered
121 – People Attended

Financial Report:

New payment portal added this year in addition to Paypal, CashMe.  Paypal fees were discussed again.  It was determined that the amount paid in fees is not exorbitant so Paypal will remain an option for submitting payments.

Late Fees:

Late fees were introduced 3 years ago to encourage family members to register and pay their dues before arriving to reunions.  We voted to move the date that late fees occur from two weeks prior to reunions to June 1st.

SAH Scholarship Recipient:

This year (2017), the scholarship recipient was Samuel Dancer.  He is the first recipient to send a written thank you to the family.  The letter was read aloud at the meeting.  A copy of it can be found here.

Commitments to fund the next few years were restated.

Year Funded By
2018 Thad & Bryan
2019 Alice Smith Family
2020 Pauline Martin Family
2021 Xavier
2022 LaDonne & Craig

High School Graduation Gift:

Each year family members attending the reunion give a gift to the graduating high school student(s) registered and present at the reunion. This year (2017), there were (7) graduates in attendance.  Amaya Henderson, Christian Harvey, Cyrus Shy, JaeArrea Williams, Jocelyn Smith, Renais Pruitt and Xavier Martin.  They each received $115.

Region Restructuring:

There was a discussion about providing more support to the Region 4 Crew.  Missouri has now been moved from Region 2 to Region 4.  And next year’s reunion hosts will now be Region 1.

UPCOMING Reunion Hosts:

Year Host Region Dates Destination
2018 Region 1 – MS, AL, AR, & LA July 6 – 8 TBD
2019 Region 4 – IL, MO, MI, IN, WI, & KS July 12 – 14 TBD
2020 Region 5 – NY, CT, NJ, & MA July 10 – 12 TBD
2021 Region 7 – GA, FL, NC, & SC July 9 – 11 TBD
2022 TBD July 8 – 10 TBD

Are you hosting the next reunion?  Don’t forget to complete the Host Questionnaire!

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