FAMILY HISTORY: The Story of The Smiths and The Andersons


Walter D. and Charles Spurgeon served their country as soldiers during World War I and Willie served during World War II.

The other surviving children contributed their talents in the areas of business, agriculture, religion, family leaders and other facets of human development; Jeff Anderson was Assistant Postmaster in Mound Bayou for a number of years.

It is worthy to note that most of the children of Daniel and Sophia Anderson did not limit their religious activities to Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church near Lexington where the family had established their membership. Millie, Priscilla, Water D. and Zee Alfin, especially extended their religious interests to county, district, state and subsequently to national religious functions.

It was at one of these Baptist State conventions in the early 1900’s that God in His own mysterious way brought together the families of the Smiths and the Andersons for a special purpose.

Perry Monroe Smith of Renova, a delegate of the State Convention, chanced to become acquainted with Millie Anderson of Lexington, who was also a delegate. Her sister, Priscilla was also in attendance. Perry Monroe and Millie became good friends.

No one would have guessed the casual meeting would have had such a lasting effect upon the families of the Smiths and the Andersons and future generations.

On September 6, 1911 Perry Monroe Smith and Priscilla Juliette Anderson were married. Just as God smiled upon the marriage of Richard D. and Millie E. Smith and Daniel and Sophia Anderson and blessed them, He showed His approval upon the union of Perry Monroe Smith and Priscilla Juliette Anderson. To this happy union, eight children were born, five boys and three girls. One baby was still born and the oldest girl Modesta Blondine died shortly after graduating from high school. Five boys and one girl survived. They were, Perry Anderson Sr., Dr. Oswald Garrison, Daniel Morris, Rev. Kelly Miller Sr., Kemper Harreld Sr. and Zeraline Dorethea.

The sons of Richard and Millie Smith have all completed their work on earth and have joined their parents and fore parents in the celestial family reunion that never ends. The generations that succeed them have accepted the challenge they inherited and are moving forward by the grace of God, toward the end of that tunnel of life where the light of hope, justice and success shines with the brilliance that will be reflected throughout the lives of generations yet unborn.