Last Minute Updates…


The 10-A-C Crew can’t wait to see you this weekend! Reunion registration begins at 4:00pm on Friday. If you require airport pick up and haven’t already requested it, please submit a quick request in the next day or so and we’ll make arrangements to scoop you up. Also, this is a final call for Blabbermouth entries. Simply click here to submit your news online right now.

The reunion itinerary has also been updated – please note that on Friday night, we’re offering a choice of four fun family activities. One activity is the launch of our 1st Smith Anderson Hubbard Shark Tank!  Check out the link for more details. Also note that on Saturday night, we’re going to party like it’s 1999… and like we’re Mexican or Black-ish at a fun Mexican fiesta. Bring festive attire and comfy shoes – we’ll fatten you up with delicious Mexican food and then if you can still stand, we’ll dance the night away!

Speaking of dancing… or NOT dancing… there’s no appropriate segue to this so I’ll just say it:  Our beloved Dorothy Springfield, daughter of Kelly Miller Smith, Sr. and Alice Smith Risby, passed away on June 19. We will hold a memorial service for her after our family dinner on Sunday at 2pm at First Baptist Church Capitol Hill.  Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome.  Otherwise, shuttles will begin transporting folks to the airport or back to the hotel on Sunday at 1:30.

Please reach out with any questions or requests – the 10-A-C Crew looks forward to welcoming you back to TN!