Current Events: Ferguson, Missouri 2014


I have been glued to the internet ever since August 9th, the day Mike Brown was killed.

As each day passes I can’t help but think of the many people, in our family alone, who were deeply involved in fighting for civil rights in our country.  I have often wondered, how or if I would’ve been as vocal and strong as they were had I been alive at that time in history.  More and more, I am coming to realize that I am alive at that time in history.

Are you guys paying attention?

Here are some items I gathered from the internet regarding the events in Ferguson…


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If you want to remain “intheknow” follow this twitter list of people on the ground in Missouri, and read their first-hand accounts of events while they are happening.

And although Mike Brown is the current hot topic, let’s not forget about Eric Garner and John Crawford.  Both of whom also died at the hands of law enforcement in the last few weeks.

We are turning into one of the countries we are always running off to “protect.” #staywoke

Share your thoughts below.

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