TOday is the THEday!!


We are excited and looking forward to seeing you guys in person, but remember, if you will not be attending in person, you can still attend today, virtually.

Hop on over to the Itinerary for details!

There will be CASH PRIZES so you don’t want to miss it and we don’t want to MISS YOU!

Love you!

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We, the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut connection are looking forward to seeing you all on July 8th, 9th and 10th for the SAH Reunion. We are planning an exciting weekend!

We will have the option for virtual participation on July 8th. There will be games and prizes! Join our “generation challenge”. How far can you go back in the family tree? Please submit your entry for The Blabbermouth. We would like to present it on Friday.

Do you have a talent? This is your time! We are planning a Harlem tour for Saturday afternoon then a Saturday evening in New York City! This is your chance to see a Broadway Show! You can buy your ticket online at We recommend Tina! The Tina Turner Musical. We will be providing transportation in and out of New York City at the time of the show or you may wish to explore Times Square which is one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions!

For those of you who can stay in town a bit longer, our own Joy Smith will be performing in Manhattan July 13th – 16th!

Please REGISTER for the reunion if you plan on attending. Don’t forget to RESERVE your hotel room.

See you soon!

SO…about that survey


Hey Family,

This is your family-website-guru, Anna-Marie, speaking. It seems I may have misunderstood some of my conversation with the NY/NJ/CT Crew regarding the purpose of the survey. Also, FULL DISCLOSURE, I forgot to post this…sorry Buni.

Anywho, here is an updated message from our Host Crew…

Reconnecting! Reaffirming! Rejoicing!
We survived! We are now reconnecting, reaffirming and rejoicing! We, the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut connection are looking forward to seeing you all July 8th 9th and 10th. The virtual reunion last year was a blast! We are still planning for a virtual option for one night. But there is nothing like seeing you all in person. We are planning for a great New York City experience, but as we all know, COVID is no joke. Please keep in mind that all NYC venues require proof of vaccination for those 5 years old and up. We trust that all those attending will be vaccinated and boosted. More details to follow!
Please remember to register on line. See you soon!

So, basically, the intent of the survey is to gather a better idea of who is still planning on attending in person and not to actually vote on whether or not and in-person reunion is happening. It absolutely is, and will have a virtual component on one day.

Love you all. Sorry for the confusion, but please still answer the survey if you haven’t already.



Hi Family!

The NY/NJ/CT Crew are trying to firm up plan’s for this year’s reunion and need our help. Since COVID is still present and accounted for, they need to know just how many of us are planning to come to the reunion. They are trying to gauge if in-person is still feasable this year or if another virtual reunion needs to planned instead.

Please think about it and answer the poll question below AND do us another favor, if you do plan on attending in person, please comment on this post and tell us where you live, and how many people are in your crew!

We would like to have a good number of you respond by this Sunday, January 23rd, so please pass this on.

Love you all, be well.