Updates From the 2016 Family Meeting…


In case you missed the meeting, the topics are below and the details are after the jump…

  • Attendance Report
  • Financial Report
  • SAH Merchandise
  • SAH Scholarship Recipient
  • High School Graduation Gift
  • Saturday Afternoon Activities
  • Sick and Shut-In
  • Recently Deceased Update
  • Upcoming Reunion Hosts

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The cutoff date to make hotel reservations for this year’s reunion is June 11th. Please book your reservation by doing one of the following:

via online: Click. This. Text.

via phone: Call Shirly Fahmy at 704.409.3549

Destination: Charlotte, NC


Hello Family!  We are excited about visiting with you in the Queen City, Charlotte, NC.  Plans are underway to make it a weekend full of fellowship with family and fun, too.

Stay tuned, as we are in the process of adding more information to the website to keep you in the loop about the happenings in Charlotte!

See you soon!